Travel Vouchers

If you live in the Greater Manchester area and fulfill certain criteria you can apply for Travel Vouchers.

For every £5 spent you receive £20 of vouchers which can be used for travelling around the area.

See below for more details....

If you can't use ordinary buses because you're blind or have serious walking disabilities you could get vouchers for taxis or accessible travel like Ring & Ride.

Do you qualify?

To qualify for travel vouchers you must:

• be registered as blind; or
• get Disability Living Allowance (DLA) with the higher rate mobility component; or
• get Personal Independece Payment (PIP) with the enhanced mobility component; or
• get higher rate Attendance Allowance; or
• get War Pensioners Mobility Supplement; or
• if you don't get any of those benefits, but you can't walk 100 metres, or climb steps of 30 centimetres – as long as a doctor confirms this you can apply.

You can't use vouchers if you already have a National Concessionary Travel Pass, or a Concessionary Plus Pass.

For more information and to apply for vouchers please go to